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Faires, A.J.  1823-1902
Block 21.

Faires, William 
In Capt D.C. Haynes' 5th Texas Partisan Rangers. No marker.

Feland, James Madison  1822-1894
Block 116

Field, James W.  1839-1929
Co J, 4th Texas. Block 101.

Finch, Dr. William J.  1831-1918
Wounded at Shiloh. Carried from the battlefield by his slave, Henry, after whom his son, Henry A. Finch, was named. Block 95.

Finley, C.A.  1845-1918
Block 48.

Fitzhugh, William F.  1818-1883
Col, 16th Texas Cavalry. Commanded men from Collin, Cooke, and Grayson counties. No marker.

Foote, Dr. G.A.  1823-1902
Surgeon, Col. William Young's 11th Texas Cavalry. A relative of George Washington. Block 28.

Fox, Samuel H.  1836-1921
4th Sgt, Co G, Alexander's Regiment, Texas Dismounted Cavalry. Block 106.

Furr, Lee 
No marker.

Gault, W.C.  1841-1920

Co G, 44th Tennessee. Block 61.

Goddard, Asa B.  1832-1923
Martin's Regiment. Block 121.

Goodner, Tom C.  1837-1916
Capt, Co K, 24th Tennessee. Block 146.

Graves, Albert G.  1813-1891
Born Orange Co, Virginia. Block 87.

Graves, Christian A.  1840-1901
"A Confederate Soldier 1861-1865" on marker. Marker no longer extant.

Graves, Albert Goodwin  1839-1901
Capt, Co K, Ross' Brigade, 6th Texas Cavalry. Block 21.

Graves, L.H. (Crease) 
Pvt, Capt J.M. Bound's Co, Home Guard. Block 87.

Graves, Wickliffe  1848-1940
In Capt Alfred Johnson's Spy Co (Texas). Block 104.

Grey, Judge J.L.  1826-1884
Block 32.

Griffin, Francis Marion  1840-1911
Co C, 26th Tennessee. Block 89. Wounded at battle of Fort Donelson.

Grimes, George W. 
UDC list. Block 19.

Gullett, Dr. Andrew  1828-1893
UDC list. Block 29.

Hamilton, John W.  1843-1907

Co I, 30th Texas Cavalry. Served in Indian Territory for four years. No marker.

Harris, Newton G.  1836-1873
2nd Lt, Co K, Capt D.C. Haynes' 5th Texas Partisan Rangers. Block 19.

Harris, William  1824-1887
Block 35.

Harrison, Walter Bascom  1848-1938
Block 152.

Hayes, P. 
No marker.

Heard, John Spencer  1841-1933
Enlisted at Van Buren, Arkansas. Battle of Pea Ridge. Block 86.

Heaslett, John R.  1846-1933
Co A, 17th Tennessee. Block 18.

Hedgcoxe, R. Foster  1844-1913
Co J, 6th Texas Cavalry. Block 2.

Herndon, Henry C.  1843-1917
Co C, Alexander's Regiment. Block 25.

Hill, F.M. (Tuck)  1843-1920
Capt, Quantrill's Raiders, and a cousin to Jesse James. One of the last Confederate Officers to surrender. Block 34.

Hill, James W. (Woot)  1839-1900
Lt, Quantrill's Raiders, and brother of above. Block 34.

Hill, R.M.  1815-1895
Block 100.

Horn, Robert Cannon  1844-1936
Co K, Capt Haynes' 5th Texas Partisan Rangers. Published his diary, The Annals of Elder Horn, about his war experiences. Block 14.

Houston, R.F.  1830-1902
Capt. No marker. Block 9.

Hutchins, Aaron Claude  1842-1898
Co. G, 7th Tennessee Infantry.

Jackson, David Crockett  1835-1894

Served in Gen. Forrest's Escorts (Tennessee).

Jackson, W.A. 
Co K, 40th Georgia. No marker.

Jaynes, W.C.  1845-1913
Block 24.

Jenkins, James H.  1831-1905
Capt., 9th Texas Infantry, Co. I. Law partner of Gov. Throckmorton. Block 23.

Johnson, Benjamin Squibb  1836-1875    More info here
Capt., 3rd Missouri Cav. City Marshall of McKinney. Block 30.

Jones, Alphonso L.  1841-1900
UDC list. Block 85.

Kirkpatrick, Dr. O.H. 

Corp, 2nd Tennessee Cavalry. Block 42.

Kirkpatrick, Elbert W.  1844-1924
Pvt, Co T, Martin's Texas Partisan Rangers. Major General in United Confederate Veterans. Block 106.

Lake, C.H.  1837-1924

Enlisted Granada, Mississippi. Adjutant in United Confederate Veterans. Block 16.

Largent, Isaac 
No marker.

Largent, Joe E.  1838-1909
Block 36.

Largent, W.B.  1840-1898
3rd Sgt, Capt Warden's Co, 16th Texas Cavalry. Block 108.

Leddy, Owen 
Co H, 55th Tennessee. No marker.

Leslie, James W.  1840-1920
3rd Sgt, Co I, 19th Texas Cavalry. Block 27.

Lewis, Joel  1834-1902
Co F, 5th Tennessee Cavalry. UDC list. Block 25.

Lillard, John 
UDC list. Block 21.

Lisenbee, John M.  1816-1863
5th Texas Partisan Rangers.

Luna, James M.  1841-1907
Co A, 8th Tennessee. Block 1.

Mack, H.C. (Clay) 

UDC list. No marker.

Maltbie, Judge Richard  d. 1888
UDC list. Block 16.

Martin, W.C.  1848-1887
UDC list. Block 44.

Mayes, A.B.  1844-1919
Co D, 6th Texas Cavalry. Block 148.

McCauley, Dr. Edwin N. 
Surgeon. No marker.

McDonald, H.A.  1832-1900
UDC list. Block 36.

McKinney, Tom 
UDC list. No marker.

McMahan, M.C.  1842-1932
Battle of Lookout Mountain and Siege of Vicksburg. Block 48.

McNeil, Thomas  1840-1931
Co E, 37th Virginia. Block 151.

Mixon, Alexander G.  1838-1891
UDC list. Block 31.

Moore, Dr. W.T.  1845-1914
Served in Mississippi. Married daughter of Gov. Throckmorton. Friend of Jefferson Davis. Block 85.

Moore, J.E.  1831-1918
Co K, 4th Tennessee Cavalry. Block 2.

Morris, George S.  1835-1910
Co K, 5th Texas Partisan Rangers.

Murray, Thomas H.  1835-1884
Ector's Brigade. Block 35.

Muse, Thomas H.  1844-1924
Corporal, 9th Texas Infantry, Co. I. His brother, J.M. Muse, was killed at Shiloh. Block 108.

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