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Abernathy, Frank  d. 1912
Enlisted Holly Springs, Mississippi. Block 46.

Abernathy, William M.   1843-1911
Co B, 17th Mississippi, Longstreet's Corps. Enlisted Holly Springs, MS, at age 17.
Block 25.

Adams, William F.   1843-1891
Block 8.

Allen, A.B.   1823-1874
Co C, 26th Tennessee.

Allen, Gus W.   1840-1901
Co D, 13th Tennessee. Block 45.

Allen, M.W.   d. 1874
A "pioneer of Collin County." Block 109.

Allen, Rev. William   1834-1908
Capt in General Hardeman's Brigade, Walker's Battalion. Block 148.

Allison, R.D.   1810-1900
Col, 20th Tenn Cavalry and 26th Tenn Infantry. Wounded six times. Block 32.

Allison, Scott   b. 1848
"History of Collin County". No marker.

Anderson, Joseph A.  1835-1899
Pvt, Co I, 9th Texas Infantry. Block 92.

Andrews, W.H.   1830-1890
Co J, 8th Tennessee. Block 46.

Atkinson, Andrew Jackson   1840-1908
UDC list. Block 103.

Avereitt, W.W.   1830-1905.
Co D, 2nd Tennessee.

Bagley, William M.   1832-1904

Pvt, Co D, 43rd Georgia. Block 14.

Barnes, John S.   1846-1918
Pvt, Capt J.M. Bound's Co, Home Guard. Block 93.

Barnes, Tom J.   1843-1918
Block 120.

Batsen, Thomas S.   1831-1916
Sgt, Co G, 10th Tennessee Cavalry, under Gen. Nathan Bedford Forest. Wounded at Chickamauga. Block 17.

Battle, James Edward   1813-1880
UDC list. Block 26.

Benge, J.M.   1833-1881
Lt., 9th Texas Infantry, Co. I. No marker. Block 17.

Benge, William B.   1826-1864
Block 17.

Berry, Alex   1814-1881
Co K, Martin's Regiment, 5th Texas Partisan Rangers. No marker.

Berry, Eppie  
Pvt, Capt John W. Kolfus' Co, 16th Texas Cavalry.

Berry, Gibson T.   1843-1876
Pvt, Co K, 5th Texas Partisan Rangers. Block 33.

Berry, Ned  
Co K, 5th Texas Partisan Rangers. No marker.

Berry, Sam R.   1830-1904
Co K, 15th Texas. Block 39.

Bingham, John Henry   1839-1913
Lt, and Commander of "Bingham's Battery" (Georgia). Promoted to Capt, but refused. Battle of Missionary Ridge. Later moved to McKinney. Block 27.

Blakeman, Joel   1834-1881
UDC list.

Blanton, J.W.   1842-1917
Co A, 1st Texas. Block 111.

Board, R.M.   d. 1931
Capt, Co I, 9th Texas Infantry. Battle of Shiloh. Block 23.

Bomar, P.R.   1847-1934
Wilson's Militia. Block 139.

Boone, T.O.  
Co C, 3rd Missouri. No marker.

Brantley, Henry T.   1847-1934
Co A, 54th Georgia Infantry. Block 44.

Brunson, T.J.   1843-1929
Lt, enlisted in Mississippi. Block 115.

Buck, John A.   1836-1891
Maj, Co F, 22nd Texas Cavalry. Block 85.

Burrus, William Carrol   1831-1911
Capt, Co B, 15th Texas Cavalry. Wounded at Chickamauga. Block 100.

Bush, William Nelson   1833-1907
Capt, Co G, Alexander's Regiment of Dismounted Cavalry. Block 109.

Cable, J.H.   1845-1925

Co C, 4th Tennessee. Block 113.

Caldwell, William Jefferson   1838-1905
Sgt., Co B, 9th Tennessee (Gantt's) Cavalry. No marker.

Cameron, George W.   1842-1882
Co D, 3rd Batt., Missouri Cavalry. UDC list. Block 35.

Carr, R.B.  
3rd Lt, Capt Alfred Johnson's Spy Co (Texas). Block 31.

Caskey, J.A.   1825-1913
Co F, 1st Tennessee Cavalry. Block 90.

Cathey, James H.   1849-1901
Block 39.

Cathey, George W.   1811-1886
UDC list. Block 39.

Chandler, Alfred   1821-1908
J.B. Wilmeth's Regiment (Texas). Block 10.

Clementson, John M.   d. 1888
Col, served in Tennessee. Block 31.

Cloyd, Thomas J.   1844-1921
In Capt Haynes' Co, 5th Texas Partisan Rangers. Block 155.

Cloyd, W.P.   1839-1912
In Capt Haynes' Co, 5th Texas Partisan Rangers. Block 44.

Cox, John Berry   1844-1920
Co C, 4th Tennessee Cavalry. Guarded President Jefferson Davis until his capture. Block 157.

Cox, William Thomas   1841-1936
Co G, 4th Tennessee Cavalry. Block 88.

Crouch, Isaac   1837-1879
Pvt, Capt D.C. Haynes's Co, 5th Texas Partisan Rangers. Block 27.

Cummings, Allison Gray   1824-1887
UDC list. Block 32.

Davis, William David   1832-1905

Capt. Block 98.

DeArmond, Russell   1833-1906
Maj, Fitzhugh's Regiment. Law partner of Gov. Throckmorton. Block 21.

Dowell, Johnathan S.   1841-1929
Capt, 7th Tennessee Infantry. Wounded at Seven Pines, Fredericksburg, and Gettysburg. Block 85.

Dulaney, Dr. Joseph E.   d. aft 1875
Surgeon, 19th Tennessee. Born Sullivan Co, TN, moved to McKinney in 1859. Block 103.

Duncan, James Polk   1844-1932
2nd Tennessee Cavalry. Block 166.

Durham, R.W.   1845-1927
Block 25.

Eastes, George W.   1825-1891

UDC list. Block 86.

Edwards, Granville M.   1844-1941
Co A, 3rd Missouri. Attended last Confederate Reunion in 1941. Only four were present. Block 158.

Edwards, W.B.   1833-1900
Co K, 4th Tennessee. Block 100.

Estes, Ben T.   1841-1920
Co K, 6th Texas Cavalry. Block 23.

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